30 Day Results – Core De Force

30 Day Results

Core De Force


This is Day 30 of Core De Force!!

This is never a comfortable thing … putting a pic of yourself up for all to see.

I wasn’t even sure if I should post it because I’m definitely self conscious BUT I am proud of these last 30 days!

It wasn’t some huge physical transformation that I was expecting & I didn’t lose much in pounds but I feel a ton better & my clothes are looser!

Yesterday I heard someone say that as a coach it’s very easy to tell other people what to do but are YOU walking the walk?

These last 30 days I can definitely say YES!!

Results after 30 days:
Pounds lost: 1 lb.
Inches lost: 5.5

Every day I did Core De Force I felt powerful & confident & strong! It was one of the most soul strengthening workouts I’ve ever done.

Punching mental negativity in the face!!

Here are my non-scale victories:
** Went outside my comfort zone & tried a new program (which I actually loved!)
** Saw a change in my waist/Core
** Stronger upper body (doing full body push ups!)
** Planned out meals better & reduced snacking + chocolate chip habit

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