About Me

Hi!! I’m Kendra Maraman!

I was an overweight child & teenager. I felt defeated, humiliated, & hopeless. It wasn’t until I started working out to my mom’s Jane Fonda videos that I learned fitness could be fun! Learning to love fitness & eating clean helped me lose 50 pounds!

I made many small changes over time to be where I am now! Yes, it was super hard and still is, especially with food! When I look back I can’t even believe I’m the same person!
I majored in nutrition and got into fitness training (yes, lots of people thought I was crazy!) to help others overcome where I used to be. I am overjoyed when people just take that first step toward being active & eating right.

Now I’m paying it forward by helping women entrepreneurs start their own wellness businesses at home. Having freedom to live a life where I can stay home with my kids plus run a business is the best gig ever!

Living a fulfilled life through making healthy choices has been a complete change & I want anyone who struggles with dieting + insecurities + health to live their best life too!!


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