Free Instant Pot & Crockpot Recipe Group


Instant Pot & Crockpot

Recipe Group


It’s the New Year & you’ve got a resolution to eat healthier!!

Plus, you might have a new Instant Pot & want to try it out!!

I’m hosting a FREE FIVE DAY – INSTANT POT & CROCK POT CHALLENGE GROUP for my friends & followers!! This is an opportunity for you to learn how to make healthy + quick meals that your whole family will love!

You will be added to a private Facebook group this Thursday to meal plan & prep. I will provide the meal plan & recipes. Then we will eat our healthy dinners Sunday – Thursday (January 15 – 19).

Can we all give high fives for having dinners planned ahead of time?!!!

?Starts Sunday, January 15.?

Please fill out this simple form & I’ll add you to the group:

Click HERE to join!

Also, if we are not already friends on Facebook please add me so I can add you to the group!

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30 Day Results – Core De Force

30 Day Results

Core De Force


This is Day 30 of Core De Force!!

This is never a comfortable thing … putting a pic of yourself up for all to see.

I wasn’t even sure if I should post it because I’m definitely self conscious BUT I am proud of these last 30 days!

It wasn’t some huge physical transformation that I was expecting & I didn’t lose much in pounds but I feel a ton better & my clothes are looser!

Yesterday I heard someone say that as a coach it’s very easy to tell other people what to do but are YOU walking the walk?

These last 30 days I can definitely say YES!!

Results after 30 days:
Pounds lost: 1 lb.
Inches lost: 5.5

Every day I did Core De Force I felt powerful & confident & strong! It was one of the most soul strengthening workouts I’ve ever done.

Punching mental negativity in the face!!

Here are my non-scale victories:
** Went outside my comfort zone & tried a new program (which I actually loved!)
** Saw a change in my waist/Core
** Stronger upper body (doing full body push ups!)
** Planned out meals better & reduced snacking + chocolate chip habit

Are you ready to make a change this January?
Claim your spot in a fitness + nutrition accountability group!

Click  HERE to apply & I’ll send you the details!!


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FREE Water Challenge

FREE Water Challenge

FREE Water Challenge
FREE Water Challenge

Who needs a simple + FUN way to add a little “healthy” to your holidays?!

Do you struggle to get ALL your water in every day??

Join this group to complete a daily water challenge + earn prizes!!

?Starts Monday, December 12?

??5 Prize Giveaways!??

Click HERE to join!!


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Free – Walking & Water Group

It’s FREE group time — WALKING & WATER!

Since its warming up & the sun is out let’s get outside this week!

Whether you’re needing a restart or trying to reach those weight loss goals; we’re going to work out together this week by walking!!

Starting on Monday, June 13 we’ll be following a walking schedule + drinking lots of water for five days!

☀️ We’ll focus on drinking half our body weight (in ounces) of water daily
☀️ Walking schedule for beginner, intermediate, & advanced
☀️ Daily motivation + tips to be successful with your goals
☀️ Prize to the person who has the most friends join the group

No equipment is necessary & ALL fitness levels are welcome!

Starts Monday, June 13

To join:
Go to my like page to join:
LIKE my page!
Click “Join” on the event!

Also, if we are not already friends on Facebook please add me so I can add you to the group!

** Fun + Awesome prize given to whoever has the most friends join!!**

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Countdown to Summer

Summer bodies are made NOW!! We can’t wait until June because by then it’s just too late! I want to feel & look my best when the weather heats up & I definitely want to feel pretty amazing in my tank top & shorts!!

I kicked off my COUNTDOWN TO SUMMER group last week & the ladies in my group are serious about getting summer ready! I’m so excited to lead them on a path toward success!!

These are my results from my first round of the 21 Day Fix:


21 Day Fix


When it comes to getting ready for summer there are a few things that have got to change in order to see + feel results!

  1. You need to commit to a program.  The program I’m committing to this month is the 21 Day Fix. I’ve been having serious knee pain & Ill need to modify any jumping but it’s worked for me last year & Im going for another round!

This week’s schedule:

Summer Countdown Workout Schedule


2. Next up is a meal plan. I fall into the first bracket so 1200-1499 calories. According to the 21 Day Fix eating plan I get:

Red – 4

Green – 3

Purple – 2

Yellow – 2

Blue – 1

Orange – 1

Teaspoon – 2

While I’m pretty good about sticking to these categories, I’m not so great at actually measuring out my food with the containers – big mistake!! So, this round is all about measuring out my portions to get results!!

I know I’ll get hungry to to help with that I must stay on top of my water intake. I also love to drink Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Tea – my favorite!!

Heres what this week’s meal plan looks like:


21 Day Fix meal plan


Okay so there’s the plan & it’s going to get serious results!! Stay tuned for before + after photos!


21 Day Fix group


Ready to get serious results too?!

Join the next challenge group – we start the beginning of every month!

Just comment below or send me a message & Ill get you all the details!!?

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Weight Loss Begins with a Decision

Weight Loss Begins with a Decision


Click to begin: Wellness Accountability Groups

If you’re anything like me you’ve always wanted your big dreams that you only prayed about, that NO ONE knew about, that you thought were impossible to come true!

When I was overweight I thought that if I was skinny then I would be happy. I prayed that God would help me be disciplined + give me the willpower to stay on track.

The Lord had a lot to teach me during that time & lets just say that patience was not a virtue I had! I was so angry that God wouldn’t make me skinny even though I had tried (& failed) losing weight so many times.

You know what finally clicked?!

I had to get over myself! I was so insecure + mopey + blamed everything & everyone on why I couldn’t lose weight!

Plus I didn’t realize the amount of hard work that goes into weight loss! I was lazy! So there was that “hit the wall” moment where I knew & decided I didn’t want to be this mopey, overweight person anymore! Weight loss begins with a decision. I had to put the work in if I wanted to change.

Was it super hard to workout everyday + watch what I ate?! Of course! It was super frustrating & I felt like giving up tons of times but I started seeing little results & that was encouraging.

No longer did I hide candy wrappers in my bedroom or eat huge portions. I stayed on track because it felt good to see change. Even my friends noticed & complimented me – that had NEVER happened in my entire life!!

So, I want to encourage you today that you can reach your goals! Change is super hard but you have to remember why you wanted to change in the first place.

✅ Gain Confidence
✅ Be the fun mom doing active outings with her kids
✅ Run a 5K or a marathon
✅ Be without pain + health issues from being overweight
✅ Completing a triathlon

You may have lots of doubts but let me tell you that these are all attainable! I never ever EVER thought I’d be in the best shape of my life at 39! You guys, I just saw hopelessness but through hard work + God working on my confidence it was possible!!

If you’re stuck & have already seen those New Years Resolutions fade away then forget all your excuses + fears & join my wellness accountability group!

Comment below or message me & we can chat!!

Need daily recipes, fitness tips, & motivation? Visit my Facebook: or Instagram:

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New Year, New You!!

New Year, New You

Resolution Solution

I’m looking for crazy busy moms who want to make 2016 their year to:
? take control of their weight/fitness
? gain confidence
? join with me to develop a plan that fits your needs + keep you accountable!!

It’s time to start over, reset, make changes, get back on track, & reach goals!!???

Are you in?! No really, are you committed to make 2016 your year to do this for you?!

What if I told you that I’ll help you by giving you all the tools you need along with built in accountability with a small group of women seeking to live their best life too?

I know you’re busy & you’ve said you’re going to start next month. (How many times have you said that now?) Let me tell you that there’s never a good time to start. Something will always get in the way. You just have to go & do it.

NOW is your time!


Kicks off January 4
4 week group where you’ll see awesome changes + won’t be a resolution quitter!!

A private Facebook group where you’ll join women just like you who are ready to get fit in 2016!!!

? A workout program that fits you!
? Easy to follow meals using portion control
? 30 meals of Shakeology
? Private VIP Facebook group for accountability & motivation

For more information, comment below with YES & I’ll get in touch with you ASAP!!
You can also email me:

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Do You Hate the Scale


Do You HATE the Scale?

Going into the doctors office the other day, they asked me to step on the scale.?

I haven’t stepped on a scale in two months because that number has always defined me.I know, I know that if shouldn’t define me but when you’ve been overweight it’s a number that either makes you feel good or bad about yourself.

It makes you feel like you’ve got yourself pulled together or let yourself go.

It defines my insecurities & weaknesses.

It’s a number that has so much power over me emotionally that it can literally ruin my day.?

So, I just stopped weighing myself because that does not reflect who I am & does not paint the whole picture. ❤️

You see, the number on that scale was higher than I wanted it to be (I swear Dr’s office scales weigh heavier!!!) & I wanted to say “Really? That can’t be right!!” I’ve been working my butt off for months!!!

But you see that number is just a number.

When I put on my clothes – they’re looser because I’ve lost inches, when I stand in front of a mirror & look at pics, my body composition has changed.

Having energy, feeling healthy, & becoming more confident in who I am inside is changing.

So the scale at my house will remain hidden for now.?

It’s a number that no longer defines me & I hope in 2016 you’ll feel that way too!

Receive daily fitness motivation & recipes by going to

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Giving Up New Years Resolutions

Giving Up New Years Resolutions



A couple years ago I gave up making New Years Resolutions!

Why? I’ve made a weight loss resolution nearly every year my whole life & every year I failed. Quite honestly, I was tired of failing & each year I’d make a completely unrealistic goal & by week 3 I would give up. This led to even more poor eating, more weight gain, & more guilt.

So, why did I quit every single year?

I was working out consistently. I knew how to eat right. What was the missing link?

It was accountability. The only person I was accountable to was myself which doesn’t get any of us too far, does it? If you don’t feel like working out or are too tired you don’t go – no accountability. If you want a bowl of ice cream after dinner no ones going to tell you not to do it – you need accountability.

So this past year has been a complete 180 for me because there’s a group of women cheering me on! We may be in all different parts of the country & Canada but we meet together every single day to check in & motivate each other because THAT is what is going to get you to your goal.

So, what about you?

What’s going to be different as you head into the New Year? Now’s the time to make a plan to set yourself up for success & if your goals include getting fit then join us!!!

We start Monday, January 4!! Comment below if you’re ready for accountability with your nutrition & fitness & I’ll get right back to you!!

If you want daily motivation, fitness tips, & healthy recipes then visit my FaceBook page!

Instagram? Follow me at

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How To Do a Cleanse!

I did a cleanse. Yup! Miss nutrition major who has been taught from the very beginning that there’s no point in doing a cleanse because your body does not need it!

So you’re wondering then WHY did I decide to try it out?

I decided to try out a cleanse because I felt like I was in a funk. I was working out but my nutrition was not so great. In fact, I was frustrated because I was eating a handful or more of chocolate chips every day & I was snacking on unhealthy foods, & I was nibbling off my kids plates after dinner (please tell me you’ve been there!! Ugh!!)

I just needed a big time reset & by doing a cleanse it would take away & break my chocolate chip/unhealthy food habits!! Just what I needed!!

Going with the 3 Day Refresh was awesome because it contained everything I needed for a three day cleanse! I did not want anything complex that I needed to prepare so this was perfect!

3 Day Refresh

The BEST thing I did was running an accountability group to do the cleanse with me. I had 8 other ladies checking in online every day so we could all keep each other accountable! We all needed to lean on each other to make it through each day!! I’m not saying it was horrible BUT I definitely was hungry!!

Here’s what you get:

Each day was pretty much the same which made it really easy to follow!!

Breakfast: Shakeology with 1/2 banana

Mid Morning: Fiber sweep (pretty much a Metamucil drink)

Lunch: Vanilla Fresh shake + fruit + veggie + healthy fat

Snack: Veggie + healthy fat

Dinner: Vanilla Fresh + Dinner option (listed in book) which was a veggie + healthy fat

Water: Half your body weight (in ounces)

Extra: Drink unsweetened tea throughout the day

You eat around 900 calories a day.

This is the menu I followed & posted in the accountability group to take out any guesswork!

3 Day Refresh Menu

I also included this Grocery List!!

3 Day Refresh Grocery List

I had a run scheduled with my running partner & a tennis league game already planned so I did both of those for exercise even though it was suggested to do a low level of exercise or not at all. I felt fine but you’d need to see how you feel.

After 3 days these were my results!!

Weight Loss: 5 pounds

Inches Lost: 1 1/2 inches

3 Day Refresh Results

I was not only changed physically but also mentally!! I didn’t expect a mental shift! This really taught me self discipline which really is needed every day for me to say “no” to sweets & unhealthy options.

Getting rid of sugar & bad news foods really got me back on track! I’m two weeks out & have yet to eat a chocolate chip – that’s HUGE for me!!

So I would highly recommend the 3 Day Refresh not to drop weight quickly but because it really resets you both mentally & physically so now I’m back to watching portions & choosing healthier options!!

If you’re wanting to reset your body & get a fresh start please contact me & I can help you get started!!

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