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I just posted an awesome Lemon Aioli Salmon recipe!

Lemon Aioli Salmon


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Kauai Family Trip

Kauai Family Trip


I haven’t used my blog for family highlights but I’m going to start!!

We recently took a trip to Kauai since my husband had a conference (really rough, right?) so we were super excited to tag along & extend our trip! My parents also came with us!

None of us had been to Kauai before & I had heard sooooo many great things about the island that we couldn’t wait to check it out!

I’m a huge travel researcher & before we go on any trip I have a general itinerary planned along with restaurants we want to try out! I joke that when I grow up I want to plan trips & lead tour groups!

My research included “The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook”, TripAdvisor forums,  & I turned to my Facebook friends for “must sees” on Kauai. I got quite the list!

Off to the airport!!

We were all packed up, got to the airport in plenty of time & as we were going through security my oldest got randomly selected to get searched. They did a test on his hands & put the paper through some kind if machine and HE TESTED POSITIVE FOR EXPLOSIVES!!

Soooooo … I got a full body pat down & then they had to go through ALL our luggage! Still have no clue why he tested positive for explosives but thankfully after all this hassle they let us go & we made it to the plane on time!!

Our days in Kauai!!

Ah! Do you love sunshine & warm weather? Like, it just makes you so happy? Me too!!

As soon as we walked off the plane I was just so thrilled to be able to pack my coat away & wear a tank top! I was so thankful for sunshine + warm weather + Gods beautiful creation the entire trip!

One of the first things we noticed as we waited for our rental car were the chickens everywhere!! Bright, colorful roosters were all over the place & we learned that they have no predators in Kauai so they just keep multiplying!!

The first night we stayed near the airport at the Hilton Garden Inn since we couldn’t check into our condo in Poipu until the next day. We immediately dropped our bags off in our room & headed down to the beach! Just hearing those waves crashing at sunset was awesome!

After we ate dinner at the hotel (food was so-so) & got fun drinks, including Mai Tais for the adults, we were exhausted & went to bed.

The first day the kids spent the morning swimming in the pool & beach and I worked out! I have all my workouts on my iPad through the Beachbody On Demand app. My goal was to workout most mornings & then drink Shakeology for breakfast. I was pretty proud of myself for doing workouts even on vacation!

We checked out & stopped at Wal-Mart so we could stock up on some groceries for the week! Thankfully Wal-Mart carried boogie boards too so we were all set!

After grabbing some groceries, we stopped at Kauai Beer Company for lunch & had some REALLY good food including homemade mac & cheese for the kids & a fresh green salad with ginger & fried avocado for me!

The really great thing about this trip is that my parents we’re able to join us! We picked them up from the airport & drove to our condo rental in Poipu. We rented our condo through Nihi Kai. It was a three bedroom, ground floor unit, over looking the ocean. While the condo was dated & the beds were super hard, we absolutely LOVED our view!

Each morning I woke up early & worked out to Beachbody On Demand. I was able to pull up any workout through an app. It’s really easy to workout every day when you have this view!

My days are jumbling together so these were some of the highlights:

Poipu Beach: This beach was just a 5 minute walk outside our door & was perfect for the kids! Nice sandy beach + boogie boarding! We spent hours here & I actually got to relax & read a book!

Sunsets: The sunsets in Hawaii are just amazingly beautiful! Each night a group of people would sit outside our condo with drinks in hand to enjoy the show! Some of those sunsets even got applause! I love how everyone make sure watching the sunset each night a ritual. What a perfect way to wind down each day!


Wimea Canyon: Called the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” this was high on the list! The drive up takes about an hour & a half but we stopped at overlooks & waterfall sightings! We had planned on some hiking but once we started out it was really steep & muddy so we opted for lunch in the car!


Napali Coast Boat Tour: This a great 5 1/2 hour boat tour! We had to get up early to get on the boat & I was worried someone might get sea sickness but everyone did GREAT! We booked our tour through Captain Andys because they got really fantastic reviews on TripAdvisor. The highlights included seeing whales, the best snorkeling of the whole trip, & lots of dolphins! The scenery of the coastline was just incredible from the boat & we ate a yummy BBQ lunch too!


Lydgate Beach: This beach was right next to the Hilton so we visited here the first day! We loved it so much that we came back two more times! It had a protected area which was perfect for snorkeling & then there was another section with large waves where the kids could boogie board!

Driving North: Since our condo was down with in Poipu we wanted to check out some of the beaches up north. It was a little bit of a drive but so beautiful! It was so green & the mountains near the ocean were awesome!

We drove all the way to the end of the road which is where the Napali hike starts at Ke’e Beach. Hoping to hike a little bit, we soon realized that was NOT going to happen. There was at least a mile and a half car line up & no parking spots. Then we thought we’d hang out on the beach … nope! Lifeguards said no going in the water because the waves were too rough!

Soooo…. we drove to the St. Regis (which is amazingly beautiful) & ate lunch overlooking the pool & ocean.

After a great lunch we jumped in the car & snorkeled again at Lydgate Beach. I loved that my dad was totally into snorkeling with my boys!

Gaylords Plantation: This stop was not originally planned but I’m glad we did it! Lucas (my oldest) & Mark (my husband) decided to go zip lining since Lucas was celebrating his 10th birthday! They had the best time!

While they were ziplining we decided to go on the train ride at  Gaylords Plantation. It was a great tour that talked about the early days of the plantation, all the different fruit tree so growing on the land, & we stopped to feed pigs, goats, & donkeys. Reid loved feeding the animals!


Ho’opi’i Falls: I read about this hike in our Kauai guidebook so we drove up north to check it out! It was a little tricky finding the trailhead & when we asked a resident she wasn’t too friendly in pointing  it out BUT we were happy to get started! This trail is 2 miles round trip & perfect for kids & my parents who don’t love hiking!

The first thing my oldest discovered was a HUGE toad! He was actually able to grab it & pose for a pic!

The trail went through jungle-like vegetation along a river & it was beautiful!

After a half mile or so we arrived at our first waterfall! Reid cracks me up every time we hike because he gets so happy!!?

After that we were a little nervous because there was a NO TRESPASSING sign posted & we read that there’s a resident that does not like hikers near his property. We ignored the sign & kept on trekking along to the second waterfall which was as equally as amazing as the first!


If you’ve made it this far then you’re so nice to read about our family trip! We really had the best time! AH, I’m such a good mom on vacation – less stress, less crazy, sunshine, and fun! I told the kids we should just homeschool them & travel!

Too bad we actually had to go home & get back to normal life!!

Until next time Kauai…❤️



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You’re an Overcomer!

Be an Overcomer!
This is a picture of me in 8th grade.

I felt failure much of my adolescence when I was overweight. I felt alone ? & hopeless & worthless.

My parents tried to reach out & help me but I wasn’t ready & felt defeated & embarassed. It’s hard to be an 8th grader & have your mom talk to you about weight loss & take you to a weight loss clinic. My parents were looking out for my best interest & wanted me to be healthy but it had to be on my terms.

I felt like a failure again after my first pregnancy. I had gained 40 pounds & while several friends lost all their baby weight nursing, I did not. I looked at my body & felt like I had been transported back to adolescence again.


How was I ever going to lose this baby weight now that I had a new baby? Where was there time in the day to get in shape when I could hardly find five minutes to take a shower??

BUT . . . in both these times in my life I knew I had to be the one to make healthy choices for myself. No one could do it for me. I had to make the choice to cut out junk food. I had to make the choice to carve out time every day to exercise.

The hardest part of making any change is starting! ?
Isn’t it our mindset that were really up against? It’s taking that first step in deciding that today is the day you’re not going to live an unhealthy life & feel out of control anymore.

My hope is for anyone reading this to know that today YOU can also make that choice to change. It is your choice to stay where you’re at or you can take that first step forward & do what you keep telling yourself you want to do.

I don’t know WHY you want to change. Maybe it’s to have more energy? Live a longer, healthier life? Look great in a swimsuit? Feel better? Sleep better? Run & play with your kids without getting winded? Not have other people look down on you? Avoid criticism? You have your own WHY!!!

It’s not an easy journey but going backwards is not an option!

Being consistent with workouts + eating right has literally changed who I once was! Going from nearly 200 pounds to 150 pounds was not easy but it was worth it! I would never trade the confidence I have now to the times I felt like a failure & defeated.

You can be an overcomer too!? It’s a step forward to just start & you have to make that decision to go for it but it gets easier! The positive mindset + confidence you’ll gain is so worth it!!

Novembers challenge group starts soon . . . are you ready?!
Message me for more details!

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Taking ACTION!

This just hit me today in church . . .

We can talk + make excuses + read amazing quotes & books to get us on the right track to change whatever area of life we feel like we need to work on.

BUT nothing will change until we take action.

I can be this way with my relationship with God.
Sometimes I don’t feel close to Him but then I just want to kick myself because it’s my lack of action (not spending time with Him) that got me to that place.

He’s always there but I’m the one that’s gone my own way & haven’t made time to connect with Him.

It’s a new week . . . what area of your life are you fully ready to commit to & take ACTION?!!

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Mommy Guilt


Mommy Guilt

Sometimes things aren’t fair & it just is tough!!

Before I gave birth to my firstborn I read every book out there. I wanted to do everything perfectly & be a good mom. Plus, I really was never a “kid” person & had only changed maybe one diaper my entire life!

So, I was definitely super freaked out that I was going to be in charge of a little baby. Plus, my husband & I were alone, living in Miami & we didn’t know anyone – like NO ONE!!

I planned all along on nursing. I really didn’t think I would do anything differently because that was what every book + doctor + friends told me to do.

We welcomed our newborn boy into the world & once we got home from the hospital nursing was not going well. I talked to my sister & she said what I was experiencing was not normal.

My baby was crying a lot. I was crying a lot. I felt like this baby thing was not for me!

I desperately tried to reach out for support. I called a local La Leche League. No one returned my call.

So after 6 days I gave my baby a bottle & he fell asleep. He was satisfied & I felt guilty & like a bad mom. I had pretty much starved my baby & had no clue!!

Even though my baby was now sleeping + peaceful because he wasn’t hungry anymore, I had major mommy guilt because he still wasn’t nursing!

After two weeks I found a local hospital that specialized in lactation & I reached out for help! Oh man, I was so stressed out + feeling helpless + just plain exhausted. It’s so hard being a new mom.

After months of eating oatmeal + drinking beer + hot soup + lots of water + pumping for hours every day I was done. Pumping produced at most 4 ounces of milk every day & even though the lactation specialists were super encouraging I was just done with all of it!

I had to get over the fact that it just wasn’t working. I had to get over feeling mommy guilt that I wasn’t going to nurse. I just had to move on & know that I was still a good mom.

Being a new mom is really tough. We can try & do our best but things don’t always work out. Was the decision to quit nursing earth shattering? No. I have a healthy kiddo & do not regret the choice I made.

Moms, you’re doing the best you can.
No one else is in your shoes.
You are everything to your child & that is enough.

If you’re struggling as a new mom please reach out for help! I wasn’t aware of the resources available & it would’ve saved me from a lot of struggles.

For for daily motivation + recipes + fitness visit & LIKE my page!

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Time – Saving Workout for Busy Moms

This past year I have completely changed up how I work out. It’s been one of the best things I’ve done for myself.

I used to waste so much time working out. While it was great to have a long stretch of mommy alone time it was stressing me out!! Waking up at 5:15 am, driving to the gym for Spin class & driving back home took almost 2 hours!! Nearly every afternoon I was exhausted & took a nap while my preschooler napped!

Not only was I wasting time to work out, I wasn’t seeing the results I thought I should! I was mainly doing cardio workouts (running + Spin) & still needed to include strength training. I just couldn’t figure out when I’d fit that in too!!

Heres my before photo. This is working out six days a week & eating moderately healthy.

21 Day Fix Before

I needed a workout that was short + included a simple eating plan & this was perfect for me as a busy mom of two little boys!

Here’s what I did!

The 21 Day Fix!

After I received my box I took out the Eating Plan & determined which calorie bracket I fit into.

I determined how many color coded containers I get per day & then I planned out my meals & made a grocery list. I love that I don’t have to make separate food for me! I can make meals that my whole family can enjoy! A lot of my favorite recipes are on this blog. Click HERE

21 Day Fix

The BEST time for me to workout is before anyone else is awake in the morning which means 6 am. Let’s face it – much better than when I used to drive to the gym at 5:15 am – yay! It’s quiet in the house & it’s just me sweating my butt off!

Each day was a different 30 minute workout which was great because I never got bored & it was a great mix of cardio & strength training. The workouts are 7 days a week but if I had to skip a day I used Sunday as my make-up workout!

21 Day Fix

The Eating Plan was a bit challenging at first because I had to keep track of all the food I ate each day. This was actually a really good thing because it made me aware of EVERYTHING that was going in my mouth!

I found it challenging to not eat so many carbs (my favorite!) but it got easier & my body adjusted.

I really liked that I could search on & Pinterest (under 21 Day Fix recipes) for healthy + easy recipes. It wasn’t hard to meal plan at all! Loved that!

Completing the 21 Day Fix was a huge accomplishment for me! It was an amazing program because it was simple + saved time!

Here’s a comparison of my before & after pics. I did not drop a lot of weight (5 pounds) but I lost fat & gained muscle which is much more important to me! I lost 6 inches overall!! Remember, this was completed in 21 days!! Pretty impressive!

21 Day Fix

If you’re a busy mom that’s ready to make a change then I would love to help you!!

Each month I run wellness groups for moms that want to gain confidence + lead healthier lives. Just comment below or message me so we can chat & see if the 21 Day Fux would be a good fit for you!

Click HERE for more information on the next group!!

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Break the Cycle of Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating


Over the past few weeks there’s been a lot of stress + anxiety around me. So many marriages on the rocks, people sick, death . . .

There’s so much pain in people’s lives & it’s heart breaking.

So, I pray. The list seems so long but I know God knows every single hurt + worry + pain in each person’s life & I know He’s in control.

We are not in control & the sooner I remember that & give God all my worries + fears the more peace I have in my heart. But it’s hard.

When stress + anxiety take over what do you do?

I know for me it’s really easy to turn to food for comfort. Cravings strike & I give in. I guess it’s just a lot easier to eat & have instant gratification than to work on feelings.

It’s definitely easier to make excuses than to make changes – right?

For the month of April I’m inviting you to join me on a journey to discover how to work on your emotional eating. This is a topic that keeps resurfacing in all of my groups & it’s really tough to make healthy choices until we dig a bit deeper.

Yes, it will be challenging but if you feel like this is an area in your life that needs attention then let’s do this together!

You get:
** One month of accountability in a private Facebook group
** Short, at home workouts
** Daily tasks + questions as we work through the book “Crave” by Lysa Terkeurst
** Healthy eating plan
** Guidance of a fitness trainer

Let’s do this!! Just respond below with the words “I’m In” AND your email address & we’ll get you set up!!

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Purpose For Your Pain


Purpose For Your Pain

Need a little direction & purpose in your life?

Do you ever feel like the days pass by & you’re not really doing anything except getting through each day?

I’ve had times in my life where I’ve felt like this.
I know God has a special purpose for me & it’s really hard to sometimes figure out what that is.

Being a coach + fitness instructor is where God wants me right now . . .

Looking from the outside you don’t see the hours of work I put in per week & how many times I’ve wanted to give up.

BUT I continue because so many people tell me they’ve been encouraged & inspired from a Facebook post or they’ve gained a new confidence in themselves from being in one of the group’s I run every month.

None of this is on accident. God knew long ago that this is where I’d be. A story of a young girl who was overweight with no confidence & full of negativity now having people come to her saying how they’ve been encouraged!!! Wow!

Reading “You’re Loved No Matter What” & love this:

“So if you’re sitting there wondering if God can use you because your life is not as it should be, and your heart is aching – know that your greatest hurt will probably be your greatest ministry.

Like the disciple Thomas who doubted until he touched the scars of Jesus, some people in your life need to see your broken places more than your victories.

. . . God sees purpose in our brokenness even when we don’t, and He can use it to bring forth beauty that blesses those around us.”

Let God use your brokenness to minister to others. You’ll be amazed at how His work through you can change someone else’s life.?

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Healthier Sloppy Joe’s


If you’re not a fan of sloppy joes then this recipe will change your mind!!

I tried it out on my family the other night & they all loved it (me too!). To make it healthier I used ground turkey.

If you’re making this for kiddos you might want to skip the red pepper flakes & Tobasco so it’s not too spicy!

Healthier Sloppy Joe's
This recipe is super easy plus it makes leftovers which I sent in my husbands lunch!
Original Recipe:


2 pounds ground turkey
1 large green bell pepper, diced
1/2 large onion, diced
1 cups ketchup
3 cloves garlic, minced
2 tablespoons packed brown sugar
2 teaspoons chili powder, or more as needed
1 teaspoon dry mustard
1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes, or more as needed – I skipped this!
Hot sauce, such as Tabasco – I added just a little bit so it wouldn’t be too spicy for my kiddos!
Worcestershire sauce
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
8 whole wheat hamburger buns


Start by browning the ground turkey in a large pot over medium-high heat.

Add in the green peppers and onions. Stir, and then add 3/4 cup water, the ketchup and garlic. Stir it around to combine, and then add the brown sugar, chili powder, dry mustard, red pepper flakes, and hot sauce, Worcestershire, salt and pepper to taste. Stir to combine, and then cover and simmer over medium-low heat, about 20 minutes.

Spoon a good amount of the meat mixture onto the bottom hamburger bun and then top with the other half. Serve with fruit, veggies + dip, or salad.


Need more healthy recipes + a new start with your fitness & nutrition?

Join a monthly wellness accountability group! It’s a group just for women who are ready to lose weight, need accountability, & gain confidence! It’s all about making healthy changes + being positive!!



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Picked this book up a while back & just started reading it!
It’s got lots of gold nuggets if you’re someone who struggles with perfectionism!

Maybe this will speak to you too?

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – His good, pleasing and perfect will.” Romans 12:2

Here’s the books take on this verse:

“Test & Approve are active words. They’re experimental. They imply trying something & seeing what happens.

If you’re supposed to be perfect, then you don’t feel the freedom to take risks. Every time you test something & it doesn’t work out, you see it as failure and as a source of fear.

In contrast, God is more likely to see it as part of the growth process in your life. You’ve learned something new that will help you move forward in what He has for you.”

Being perfect & being afraid to fail has always held me back & a big reason why I haven’t taken risks. Becoming a coach & leading a team would’ve been in the big time FAILURE category but for once I acknowledged His prompting.

IF you are feeling stuck or scared or not so equipped it’s ok.

It’s normal to have those feelings ———> but it’s also ok to just jump in the midst of fear.

It’s not about being perfect, it’s all about trying something new & learning what God has to teach you along the way.

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