Chocolate Chia Pudding

Chocolate Chia Pudding

Chocolate Chia Pudding

Craving chocolate BIG TIME!!

This week I started a new workout program called Core De Force. I’m completely committed to 30 days of workouts, healthy eating, & an online accountability group! I’m LOVING the workouts so far (MMA style kickboxing!) & I am so sore! But it’s all good! It’s easy to get complacent & bored with workouts so this is the perfect jump start I need!

Every morning I drink a meal replacement shake called Shakeology & love the vegan chocolate flavor but come late afternoon I crave chocolate! Who doesn’t, right?

Usually a piece of dark chocolate hits the spot but I wanted to try something new! Chocolate + healthy was the goal & this recipe is perfect!! Chocolate Chia Pudding!

Chocolate Chia Pudding

Adapted from “Fixate”

Serves 4-5


5 T cocoa powder

2 cups unsweetened almond or coconut milk

3 T maple syrup

1/3 cup chia seeds

1 1/2 t vanilla extract


1. Combine cocoa powder, unsweetened almond/coconut milk, maple syrup, Chia seeds, & vanilla in a large bowl.

2. Whisk until cocoa powder is combined well. ~ 2 minutes

3. Refrigerate for 4 hours or overnight

4. Divide between serving bowls & top with nuts or chopped fruit.

Let me know what you think! Have you made Chia Seed pudding before?

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Need a recipe to feed a crowd or want lots of leftovers?! Then make this pulled pork Chalupa!

I like to serve this with tortillas & then TONS of toppings!




Queso fresco



OR pile the pork on top of a salad!


3-4 lb pork roast

1 lb dry pinto beans

2 garlic cloves, minced

1 T ground cumin

2 T chili powder

1 T salt

4 oz can chopped green chiles



1. Cover dry beans with water & soak overnight in slow cooker.

2. In the morning, remove beans (keep the soaking water) & put roast in the slow cooker.

3. Add remaining ingredients (including beans + soaking water). Add more water if needed to cover all ingredients.

4. Cook on High for 1 hour & then cook on Low for 6 hours.

5. Remove meat & shred with two forks. Return meat to slow cooker.

6. Cook on High 1 more hour


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You’re an Overcomer!

Be an Overcomer!
This is a picture of me in 8th grade.

I felt failure much of my adolescence when I was overweight. I felt alone ? & hopeless & worthless.

My parents tried to reach out & help me but I wasn’t ready & felt defeated & embarassed. It’s hard to be an 8th grader & have your mom talk to you about weight loss & take you to a weight loss clinic. My parents were looking out for my best interest & wanted me to be healthy but it had to be on my terms.

I felt like a failure again after my first pregnancy. I had gained 40 pounds & while several friends lost all their baby weight nursing, I did not. I looked at my body & felt like I had been transported back to adolescence again.


How was I ever going to lose this baby weight now that I had a new baby? Where was there time in the day to get in shape when I could hardly find five minutes to take a shower??

BUT . . . in both these times in my life I knew I had to be the one to make healthy choices for myself. No one could do it for me. I had to make the choice to cut out junk food. I had to make the choice to carve out time every day to exercise.

The hardest part of making any change is starting! ?
Isn’t it our mindset that were really up against? It’s taking that first step in deciding that today is the day you’re not going to live an unhealthy life & feel out of control anymore.

My hope is for anyone reading this to know that today YOU can also make that choice to change. It is your choice to stay where you’re at or you can take that first step forward & do what you keep telling yourself you want to do.

I don’t know WHY you want to change. Maybe it’s to have more energy? Live a longer, healthier life? Look great in a swimsuit? Feel better? Sleep better? Run & play with your kids without getting winded? Not have other people look down on you? Avoid criticism? You have your own WHY!!!

It’s not an easy journey but going backwards is not an option!

Being consistent with workouts + eating right has literally changed who I once was! Going from nearly 200 pounds to 150 pounds was not easy but it was worth it! I would never trade the confidence I have now to the times I felt like a failure & defeated.

You can be an overcomer too!? It’s a step forward to just start & you have to make that decision to go for it but it gets easier! The positive mindset + confidence you’ll gain is so worth it!!

Novembers challenge group starts soon . . . are you ready?!
Message me for more details!

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Be Vulnerable

“To live with courage, purpose, & connection – to be the person whom we long to be- we must again be vulnerable. We must take off the armor, put down the weapons, show up, & let ourselves be seen.”
** “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown**

It’s really tough to be vulnerable when you’re not really wired that way. It’s easier to keep the armor on & say everything’s fine because opening up means you are letting someone see you weak . . . this is how I think.

But what Im learning is it’s actually the opposite. When I see someone share their deep emotions I see courage & trust – not weakness or fear!!

*** After becoming a mom for the first time in Florida, not knowing anyone, with a husband gone all day at school was HARD.

*** Not knowing what was wrong with my body & why I couldn’t nurse my baby was HARD.

*** Being overweight & not losing baby weight after all my friends said the weight would just fall off from breastfeeding was HARD.

But with Gods prompting I took a step forward in faith & made changes!!

*** I lost the baby weight (& more!)

*** I got plugged in with moms who had kiddos going through similar stages to me.

*** I rediscovered my love for fitness & nutrition.

Then I became a Beachbody Coach!

And now I’m passing on the gift to other moms just like me!! Lifting others up when they’re down, encouraging moms, & bonding together as we journey through this life is what we’re meant to do!

I have been humbled to have helped so many women this past year.

They’ve become vulnerable in challenge groups & have shared deep struggles that I don’t have the answers for.

So I encourage them, pray for them, & motivate them to keep going!

Some may say this is just a business but no, it’s so much more than that! It’s a simple way I show Gods love to people I hardly know. I have tears right now . . . they’ve chosen to put their trust in me as their coach & Im not going to let them down.

I’m done with hiding behind armor & weapons. I want to be real & help other women do the same!

It’s in your realness that you can help others & relate to them.
Your courage gives other moms courage.
Your willingness to open up will help another mom in her struggle.

Will you be courageous enough to be vulnerable too?


If you’re thinking coaching would be a good fit for you then I’d love for you to check out my next Coaching Open House! Message me for more details!

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Black Bean Brownies

Black Bean Brownies!!

First time making these – they’re really good & contain 0 flour!! The texture is similar to a muffin but it’s ok with me because they are low on the guilt factor & have an intense chocolate flavor!

1 can black beans, drained & rinsed

2 eggs

3 T melted coconut oil

5 T cocoa powder

2 t baking powder

1/2 t baking soda

1/4 t salt

1 T vanilla extract

6 T sugar



1. Mix all in a blender.

2. Pour in muffins tins – half full.

3. Top with a few chocolate chips.

4. Bake in 350 degree oven for 15 minutes.

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Facing a Fear in Nashville




This is summer I boarded a plane by myself & flew to Nashville!

I almost didn’t go & nearly cancelled my trip at least a dozen times. Have you ever been that nervous before? When you just do not want to do something because of fear yet you know it would be really good for you?!

As a fitness coach for over a year now, I chat with lots of women on my team from all over the country & Canada online yet I had never met any of them in person! That’s really scary for an introvert like me.

But I went anyway.


After landing in Nashville, I had an Uber driver take me to the house my whole team was staying in. (Love Uber & used it several times a day back & forth to the conference center!)

Oh, I was so nervous to knock on that door! I was going to be spending the next four days with women I barely knew!!

Once I walked in I met two of the girls on my team who seemed just as nervous as I was! After we chatted a little bit & I found my room the nerves started to go away!

Working out with Autumn!
Working out with Autumn!

On Day 2 I picked up my registration packet, did a little bit of shopping for workout clothes & then worked out with 21 Day Fix creator Autumn Calabrese.

So exciting working out with a thousand people doing a workout that has literally changed my fitness life!

There was so much positive + fun energy in that room!

Front & Center
Front & Center

As you can see – everyone wanted a selfie with Autumn!!

Girls on my team!
Girls on my team!

At this point I had met most of the girls in the house & we all got to hang out together! My roommate was Sarah in the front on the right (green tank top). She’s from Michigan & is the sweetest! I really enjoyed getting to know her!

Throughout two full days we went to classes to learn how to be better fitness coaches & how to grow our businesses. I learned a ton & was absorbing everything!

Conference sessions
Conference sessions

Spending two full days with these three ladies was awesome! I feel like God placed these ladies to be with me for a reason. They were so friendly & am thankful we can keep in touch through Facebook!

It was so exciting to see Gary Vaynerchuk (social media guru), Chalene Johnson, & Sean T speak! They were all inspiring & motivated me to take my business to another level!

Working our business!
Working our business!

In between sessions we didn’t just sit around & talk (although we did A LOT of that too!) but we were checking in with our fitness challenge groups & messaging clients – the BEST part of this job! We can work anywhere as long as there’s WiFi!

Mega Workout downtown Nashville!
Mega Workout downtown Nashville!

The last day was the mega workout in downtown Nashville! Beachbody shuts down the Main Street so 20,000 coaches can work out with the star trainers. In order to get a good spot we would’ve had to get up at 5:00 am & I had barely slept so my new friend Jen (she’s from Seattle just like me!) decided to check it out later that morning.

After seeing how much fun everyone was having I was bummed I hadn’t gotten up earlier to go! The workouts looked amazing & everyone was sweating buckets!

I won’t miss it next year!!

Team Pivot takes Nashville!
Team Pivot takes Nashville!

The week wrapped up with our whole team getting together at a restaurant for drinks & appetizers. So much fun chatting with all the girls on my team that could make it to Nashville!

So, after a nerve-racking start I have to say that I’m so glad I went! I’m proud for forcing myself to go. The entire Summit week was awesome in that it was such a positive experience. It confirmed to me that being part of helping other women start their own businesses + helping people on their health/fitness journey is exactly where God wants me.

The conference sessions gave me so many new ideas but THE highlight was connecting with the women on my team. Their positivity, drive, & heart made me feel a part of a community & I can’t wait to see all of them again next summer in New Orleans!!

**If you’d like to check out what coaching on my team is all about then shoot me a message & Ill add you to a “Sneak Peak into Coaching Open House”!**

Kendra’s email:

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Peach Salad

Peach Salad

Peach Salad

A few years ago, at my sons first grade class picnic, there was this salad.

Now I’m a huge salad lover but this one was so good that I just had to have the recipe! It’s a summer salad that is perfect with any type of grilled protein – steak, chicken, burgers, etc. It’s super easy & you probably already have the ingredients at home!!

If you have a local farmers market then invest in some fresh, sweet peaches or nectarines. I used peaches just like the recipe calls for but nectarines would be just as delicious!

Okay!! Here’s the fabulous recipes!! You’ll be making this all summer – I promise!!!


Ripe peaches

Salad or spinach greens

Grated Parmesan cheese


1 Shallot – dice

1 t. Dijon mustard

1 t. Honey

3 T. Champagne vinegar

1/2 cup olive oil

Salt + Pepper


  1. Prepare salad greens & slice peaches. Grate Parmesan cheese & set aside.
  2. Dice shallot & add to bowl. Add in the other dressing ingredients & whisk together.
  3. Toss salad greens, peaches, & dressing together. Add Parmesan cheese to top.
  4. Devour immediately!!

Heres the original recipe:

If you want to eat healthy & reach your weight loss goals then please contact me!!! I start a wellness group on Facebook at the beginning of every month. It’s for busy women who are serious about reaching their weight loss goals & I give you all the tools you need to succeed!

Message me for all the details!!

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Free – Walking & Water Group

It’s FREE group time — WALKING & WATER!

Since its warming up & the sun is out let’s get outside this week!

Whether you’re needing a restart or trying to reach those weight loss goals; we’re going to work out together this week by walking!!

Starting on Monday, June 13 we’ll be following a walking schedule + drinking lots of water for five days!

☀️ We’ll focus on drinking half our body weight (in ounces) of water daily
☀️ Walking schedule for beginner, intermediate, & advanced
☀️ Daily motivation + tips to be successful with your goals
☀️ Prize to the person who has the most friends join the group

No equipment is necessary & ALL fitness levels are welcome!

Starts Monday, June 13

To join:
Go to my like page to join:
LIKE my page!
Click “Join” on the event!

Also, if we are not already friends on Facebook please add me so I can add you to the group!

** Fun + Awesome prize given to whoever has the most friends join!!**

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Portobello Burgers with Roasted Pepper Paste + Smoked Mozzarella

So, I used to be a vegetarian.

A few years ago I was reading several books on being vegan & since I’m a fitness trainer I also attended a couple lectures on eating vegan. Well, I was convinced to change our eating habits.  I knew it would be really tough to go completely vegan for our family so we settled on becoming vegetarian.

Since I was searching for new recipes to be an amazing vegetarian cook, I came across this Portobello Burgers with Roasted Pepper Paste & Smoked Mozzarella. We absolutely LOVED it!!

The marinade for the mushrooms is perfect with the grilled onions, smoked mozzarella, & roasted pepper paste.

Even my meat lover, Nebraska born husband loved this recipe!!

Grilled Portobello Mushroom Burger with Red Pepper Paste & Smoked Mozzarella


Guess what? We’re no longer vegetarians. My husband wasn’t thrilled with what I was cooking & if my hubby’s not happy with the food I’m cooking then it’s just not worth it!

Even though we’re no longer vegetarian we still make this recipe often!! So good!!


2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
1/8 cup (3 splashes) balsamic vinegar
2 sprigs fresh rosemary, leaves stripped and chopped, about 2 tablespoons
1 lemon, juiced
4 large portobello mushroom caps
2 teaspoons grill seasoning blend (preferred brand: McCormick Montreal Steak Seasoning) or 1 teaspoon combined coarse salt and pepper
1/2 pound fresh smoked mozzarella, sliced
Roasted Pepper Paste:
1 (14-ounce) jar roasted peppers, drained
A drizzle extra-virgin olive oil
A handful flat-leaf parsley leaves
1 large clove garlic, cracked away from skin
Salt and pepper

Freeze any leftovers for next time!!
4 large crusty rolls, split
Suggested toppings:
Whole baby spinach leaves
Thinly sliced red onions – we like ours grilled


Combine first 4 ingredients in the bottom of a large food storage bag. Add mushroom caps, seal bag and shake bag to coat caps, then let the mushrooms marinate for 15 minutes -1 hour
Grill mushrooms starting with caps down, turning to caps up, 6 minutes on each side. Season caps while they cook on each side with grill seasoning or a little salt and pepper. Melt the smoked cheese over mushroom caps.
To make the red pepper paste, combine the roasted red peppers, oil, parsley, garlic, salt, and pepper in food processor or blender and pulse grind into thick sauce.
To serve, place the grilled mushroom caps topped with melted cheese on the bun bottoms. Top with spinach and onion. Spread bun tops with roasted pepper paste.


Original Recipe from Rachel Ray:





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Countdown to Summer

Summer bodies are made NOW!! We can’t wait until June because by then it’s just too late! I want to feel & look my best when the weather heats up & I definitely want to feel pretty amazing in my tank top & shorts!!

I kicked off my COUNTDOWN TO SUMMER group last week & the ladies in my group are serious about getting summer ready! I’m so excited to lead them on a path toward success!!

These are my results from my first round of the 21 Day Fix:


21 Day Fix


When it comes to getting ready for summer there are a few things that have got to change in order to see + feel results!

  1. You need to commit to a program.  The program I’m committing to this month is the 21 Day Fix. I’ve been having serious knee pain & Ill need to modify any jumping but it’s worked for me last year & Im going for another round!

This week’s schedule:

Summer Countdown Workout Schedule


2. Next up is a meal plan. I fall into the first bracket so 1200-1499 calories. According to the 21 Day Fix eating plan I get:

Red – 4

Green – 3

Purple – 2

Yellow – 2

Blue – 1

Orange – 1

Teaspoon – 2

While I’m pretty good about sticking to these categories, I’m not so great at actually measuring out my food with the containers – big mistake!! So, this round is all about measuring out my portions to get results!!

I know I’ll get hungry to to help with that I must stay on top of my water intake. I also love to drink Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Tea – my favorite!!

Heres what this week’s meal plan looks like:


21 Day Fix meal plan


Okay so there’s the plan & it’s going to get serious results!! Stay tuned for before + after photos!


21 Day Fix group


Ready to get serious results too?!

Join the next challenge group – we start the beginning of every month!

Just comment below or send me a message & Ill get you all the details!!?

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