Snacks for Road Trips

Snacks for Road Trips

Can you believe it’s already Memorial Day?!

This Memorial Day weekend is expected to have the highest travel volume in ten years! I have no idea how they know that, but happy driving to all of you on the road!!

Here’s some healthy snack ideas for you & your kiddos as you head out on your fun adventures this weekend!!

All of these snacks are waaaaaay healthier than anything you’re going to pick up at a gas station!
First, bring a cooler. Add an ice pack & fill with these snacks that need to be kept cold:

String cheese
Baby Belles
Squeeze yogurts
Lunch meat
Pepperoni or turkey sticks
Hummus packs

Apple slices

Carrot sticks
Sliced cucumber
Pea pods

Homemade granola bars – recipe Here
Homemade energy bites – recipe Here
Whole wheat crackers
Homemade muffins
Fruit leather
Dry cereal
Homemade breakfast cookies
Trail mix

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