Stuffed Chicken Sweet Potatoes

Stuffed Chicken Sweet Potatoes

Stuffed Chicken Sweet Potatoes


This recipe is SUPER easy & can be made for a quick lunch or dinner!

Theres no way my kiddos would touch this so I make it for lunch & enjoy every last bite!

On the weekends I cook several chicken breasts & use them for lunches throughout the week. They’re great for salads, healthy pizza, tacos, etc. It’s super easy to pack to work too!

You can also bake 2-3 sweet potatoes ahead of time.


sweet potatoes

chopped chicken 1/2 cup

Greek yogurt 1/4 cup

black beans 1/4 cup

1 t cumin

salt & pepper


1. Bake sweet potatoes until done.

2. Mix chopped chicken, Greek yogurt, black beans, cumin, salt & pepper together in a bowl.

3. Split open sweet potato & top with chicken mixture.


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